MMZ Technic

With the help of years of accumulated experience and skilled employees, MMZ is able to provide technical assistance to its customers. Such assistances maybe regarding Calculations of sectional properties, New product development based on required engineering values, improve existing products for better applications purposes and/or offering special grade steels. 

Here under our customers can find every detail to our sections

  • Predefined sectional drawing
  • Predefined sectional values


MMZTechnic with the help of MMZSolutions overall provides service from scratch to end product



From architectural design purposes to constructional static calculation purposes, a wide variety of sectors and industries require sectional properties of the products they use. To provide the best service possible, MMZTechnic makes necessary calculations of sections it produces to enable customers to know the sectional properties of its products, whether it be hollow sections, sheet piles or open sections.


MMZ new product/section development stages;

As a company we aim to help to reduce overall costs of the projects for our customers as well as ease the application of the projects while providing sound and aesthetic solutions. As MMZTechinc  we provide the best service possible to reach our goals for;


  • Creating unique shapes conforming to both strength and aesthetics needs of the projects simultaneously
  • Overall creating unique solutions as systems that work together


For this reason, we encourage our customers to think outside the box and not draw limits for their capabilities. In every step of this journey for development of new products/sections, we take our stand by our customers;



MMZ Road map for new designs start with;



  • Meeting with customer and diagnose the difficulties encountered in the project
  • In accordance with the diagnoses;

      New product design
      Improvement of existing design

  • Provide possible solutions
  • Passing accumulated information to MMZtechnic for the design stage,
  • Check for feasibility and applicability of the new desing.

MMZ Technic,

  • Evaluate accumulated data
  • Check for all possible technical approaches
  • Apply new designs to production process or bring out designs for MMZsolutions

MMZ sees all of his customers as business partners. Doing so enables us to provide best service possible. “From a sparkle of an idea to an end product.”


Existing Product Improvement Stages (Improving Existing Products)


Improving existing products require certain expertise and knowledge on steel; especially it’s physical and sectional properties. With the development of architectural designs, and many other areas certain pre-defined sections needed to be improved for better performance.  We base our improvements/modifications on customer needs. Such that;

  • Keeping the Kg/m value same, increasing section modulus
  • Keeping outer dimension same, decrease kg/m values

Providing these services require commitment and a high level of communication. MMZ prides itself at these critical points in supply and demand chain.